Amaryllis How to Care for Gift Plants

Amaryllis gift plants -  how to care for them

How to Care for Gifted Plants - Amaryllis

One Year I bought a potted Amaryllis for Christmas and it was a huge success.
I watered it with warm water when the plant was dry and kept it in bright light.
Temperature was around 68-70 degrees F.

My problem with this bulb is that it hasn't bloomed since.
My 90 year old neighbour ( Jacques ) gets his to bloom all the time.

So, this year I'm researching the phenomenum on how to successfully get one of these things to bloom more than once.

Here's what I found:
Amaryllis will bloom for Christmas if you buy special treated bulbs.
Which mine probably was before it was potted for the holidays.
Bulbs without being treated will bloom anytime between February and Spring like any other spring flowering bulb.
If you buy a bulb and you want it to bloom for Christmas you should buy your bulbs about five weeks prior to when you want your Amaryllis to bloom. Plant your bulb in a pot that's about two inches larger than the diameter of your bulb. Place the bulb so that one-third to one-half of it is above the soil.
That's one thing I did wrong. I buried my bulb. :)

Flowering stems

Set newly-planted bulbs in a dim light and at 60-70 degree temperature.
Water just enough to keep the soil barely moist.
When growth starts - move the potted bulb closer to the light a little bit each day.
After flower buds appear, move the plant to bright light and water freely.
If plant stems become too spindly to support the large blooms, you can use small bamboo canes to stake them up.

When Flowers Fade

Cut off the faded blooms from keeping the plant from forming seeds.
When flowering has completely ended, remove stalks and take care not to injure the leaves. Continue feeding and watering the plant until spring and then plant outside on a sunny border. Sink rim of pot to soil level. Water and Feed as needed. Lift pot and bring indoors before frost. When leaves starts turning yellow discontinue watering and feeding and keep bulb in pot until is time to repot in January and plant outside.
Your Amaryllis won't bloom at Christmas again, but it's still a beautiful plant in the garden and that's what I've learnt. :)

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