Lined Garden Lists for Shopping

Lined Garden Shopping Lists - printables:

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- The frogs were inspired by MichiganFroggy

some garden stationery to match

I am a list maker, a list user and tried to get my family to do the same.

Last Christmas, I ask a family member to pick up a few things on the way home from my grocery list.
As I started unpacking the groceries, I noticed that I had stuff that I didn't ask for. So, I asked ..."did you use my grocery list?"

Family member, that shall remain nameless, says:
"Well, it was like this. I was pushing along the grocery cart, minding my own business and along came another person pushing his buggy with eggs and he ran smack into my buggy.
The eggs went flying everywhere and it landed mostly on the grocery list. The store staff, tried really hard to clean the scrambled, oozing eggs off my list without much success. So, they took my grocery list and threw it in the garbage and that's what happened."
End of story.
What do you think, do you buy it?
hmmm...I am still thinking on this one. :)