Seed Packet Printable -Templates for Vegetables, Flowers, Gourds & Herbs-

Large Free - Seed Packet - Printable - Template:
All Seed Packet Envelopes Templates comes with pretyped text for Vegetables, Herbs, Gourds and Flowers.

Large free seed packet envelope templates, for sharing seeds with friends.
These templates can be used over and over, if they're laminated first.
I just print them out - glue them together and just buy sticky paper from the $store and cover them.
If I'm using them for small seeds; I pour the small seeds into coin envelopes and then store them in my large seed packet templates.
Or instead of small envelopes; small seeds will work fine on paper towel or tissue paper.

I like the large seed packet envelopes for two reasons:
1. - I can find my seeds in the storage containers at a glance.
2. - The back of the seed packet printable also contains important information.

Seed Saving Tips & Envelope Template from Babs.