Slugs and Snails - homemade organic bait -

I think most gardeners could write a book on these.
I too have tried everything from beer traps to slug bait.
I've gone back to just using organic slug bait, if they eat more than their share.
I also hunt for them after a rain, early morning and before dark with a bottle of a homemade concoction.
I use a spray bottle 3/4 filled with water, few drops of liquid soap and 1/4 cup of ammonium.
Then I just squirt the chlorophyll suckers whenever I find them.

Homemade Slug Bait

Yeasty slug bait recipe from the Video

1 cup of water
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of flour
1/2 teaspoon of dry yeast

Thank you Barbara!

slugs and snails

Joanna posted Message 1227 in Gardening BBS
February 09, 1999 at 09:18:49
Subject: Re: Not sure about slugs, Ugh!

All kidding aside --- slugs make me crazy because they eat all of my favorite plants. They devour my pansies and hostas. Having a very shady yard because the trees are large now I'm limited to what will grow. They DO NOT like impatiens! At least they have never gone near them in my yard. Yesterday I saw a TV program where they said to take Artemesia - dry it and then make tea with it. After it becomes cold take it and pour it in a circle around the plants. Never heard of this one so I'll put it on my list for this summer.

Bonny posted Message 1224 in Gardening BBS
Dated : February 08, 1999 at 04:34:06
Subject: Deter 'em or Devour 'em

#### Jodie, I'm getting in on this thread a bit late. I saw a gardening show last spring, where the gal was demoing how to put up copper to deter these critters. She also glued pennies (two rows) to clay pots. She said that copper creates an electrical shock in the snails, and advised making a lip at the top of the copper strip, which will stop the snails from flipping over it. She said the shock sometimes actually makes them flip up and over.

####Now, (hee hee) for what it is worth, I read an article in a magazine, years ago, about just harvesting those garden snails and turning them into Escargot. Of course you can't be feeding those tasty morsels, snail bait if you plan to make them into appetizers. To do this, you are supposed to .......... (hmmmmm maybe this belongs on the cooking bb!???) .... well anyhow, get a large plastic box with a tight fitting cover, and punch the lid full of small breathing holes. Put a layer of dampened corn meal in the bottom of the box. Then go out and gather up those little beasties, put them in the box and close the lid securely. Let them feast on the wet corn meal for a few days to "purge" them of any dirt,sand and plant material. This cleans them up. Now you can use your favorite recipe for cooking them. Basically you steam them just until done (too long and they turn tough). Serve with garlic and herb flavored drawn butter. Enjoy Bonny (Granny) #----------*