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    How to dry pinecones
    using the oven:

    Now I use the oven. I was careless with the microwave a couple of times and I was forbidden from using it again. :)

    How I do it:
    - I lined a cookie sheet with foil and baked the pinecones at low heat. Maybe at 350 F. until all of the pitch is melted.

    - Sometimes when I get too impatient or I'm racing the squirrels for my fall treasures, I'll pick the pinecones when they're still green and dry them in the oven as well.
    - Green pinecones will dry in the oven a lighter brown, more like a tan colour. The dark brown and light pinecones sometimes is the look that I'm looking for on some of my projects.

    - When I'm making a pinecone wreath and I'm using a wire frame, I just fill the wire form with pinecones and then bake the whole thing ( wreath ) in the oven.
    - This saves me time on gluing the pinecones to the wreath and to each other while sterilizing my treasures.

    air drying
    - Also at times I have left my pinecones to air dry and only put them in the oven to sterilize them.
    - Wicker baskets and vegetable bushel baskets or any container with holes works great for air drying. Make sure you line the bottom of your basket with paper first or you will have tons of seeds everywhere when you move the basket around.
    - This is my favourite method of drying pinecones besides leaving them on the tree until I'm ready to use them.

    - If I'm in a hurry;   I'll use the microwave, but with that you have to watch the pinecones closely, because they catch fire easily.
    - I just line the microwave glass tray with paper towel and then the pinecones and watch them.
    - I do a minute at a time on High Power until all of the pinecones are either all open or burnt. Now you know why my family won't let me use the microwave anymore.

    - To sterilize and melt the pitch from pinecones;
    I like the oven because I can get more pinecones done at one time.

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