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Compost, Compost Tea
and NPK

What does "N-P-K" stands for on your fertilizer jar and bag?
N - stands for Nitrogen
and you get it free from grass clippings and leaves.
Nitrogen also stimulates vegetative growth as in healthy leaves etc.

P- stands for Phosphorus
and for that I usually buy something like Bonemeal.
Phosphorus is necessary for fruit and flower formation and rapid stem growth in seedlings.

K- stands for Potassium
Potassium helps to form stronger roots, stems and deepens the flower colour. You get it free from wood ashes.

Then what does the numbers on the bag mean like: 5-10-5 ?
The first number is nitrogen, (N) and a percentage of Nitrogen
second is phosphorus (P) a percentage of Phosphorus
third is potassium (K) a percentage of Potassium

So, what does 5-10-5 mean on a bag of fertilizer?
It means
5% of Nitrogen
10% of Phosphorus
5% of Potassium

Do what I do.
Read the jar, if it's talking your language, that's what you need. :)

Composting: My dream of composting is to have a Three-Bin composting bin.
However, where I live, it would mean giving up some more growing space and I've decided to wait on that dream of mine.

All about Soil improving the soil

home composting bins
-right now I only have one bin and it takes me a year to fill it up and I have to wait another year before it's ready to use.
-I don't do anything to it except to fill it up,
-stir it and water it sometimes.
-I let nature do its thing.

composting benefits
- to me this is black gold.
- and it's free
- and I did my little bit for the enviroment.

composting information

-nothing more gratifying than eating the fruits of your labour.
-it's so easy and so much fun.

why composting

- nothing beats a fresh out of garden baked potato either.

Making Compost or Manure Tea

-Find a square piece of burlap or a burlap bag.
-Put a shovel full of fresh manure or well-seasoned compost on the burlap or bag.
-Gather the corners and tie the burlap like you would if you were making a teabag. If you're using a burlap bag, just tie it closed.
-Put the bag/pouch in a rain barrel or a large container filled with water.
-Cover the barrel/large container and let the manure pouch steep for 1 to 7 days.
-Use full strength for periodic feeding or dilute it and use to water plants.
-It can also be used for drip irrigation systems. Make sure you filter the tea before using it so it won't clog your system.

- Soil analysis