Chrysanthemums & Azaleas How to Care for Gift Plants

Azaleas Gift Plants - how to care for them

Usually I can keep Azaleas as a house plant for at least a couple of years.
This year my grandkids bought me a pink Azalea for my birthday and it died.
I was not a happy gardener. :(
Don't know whether to buy another pink Azalea and not say anything or just wait until they ask me "what happened to the plant that they gave me". Now all it is left of the plant - is a bunch of brown twigs.

Keep your Azalea gift plant by full bright window and cool temperature. Our house it's usually 68-70 degrees F.
Evenly moist soil and mist regularly with warm water.
Continue to water and feed your Azalea with acid base plant food.
In the spring you can put your plant outside in a shady spot and bring it in before a frost. I just leave mine indoors by a sunny window and remember to water it. :)
In the fall move Azalea to a cooler room like 45 degree F. for about 6-8 weeks. The coolness will force the plant to form flowering buds.
Then move the plant to a warmer room and your Azalea should bloom within 30-60 days.

How to Care for Chrysanthemums Gift Plants

Chrysanthemums are not only pretty, but they are also air cleanners.
So buying a potted Mum in January is a bonus - bright and a breath of fresh air. :)

Keep plant in a cool bright room.
Water thoroughly, letting soil dry between waterings.
Hardy Mum varieties may be planted outside in the spring.
My Chrysanthemums doesn't make it to spring to plant outside.
I guess we don't have enough sunlight in the winter time and our houses are too hot and dry for Mums, but they're beautiful and they do last a long time.

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