Pot Pourri Crate Drying


The potpourri I just dry, flat on metal screen that I purchased at Wall Mart. I have a large crate and I put screen on the bottom, there are slots in the bottom for the air to get through/ I cut the screen to fin into the crate. Then I took the left over and cut it into pieces to make circles that would work as legs, you need several in each layer. So that the layers are well apart for the air to go through.

Took the petals off some of the flowers. 3000 yellow roses yes 3000 over a period of blooming time. Cut clean blossoms each day and let the buds open and then cut again. So took several days. Saved the centers and put them in another layer Saves the stems and leaves in another layer. Put the heavy things on the bottom layer or the outside so that would be top and bottom. I kept the partial open in tact and some buds in tack on the stems and dried them in another layer. I have Hubby take the far end of the screen and rotate the layers. Just put them on the ground and then place in a different layer than before.

I also dry one loose in just I inch high cardboard trays or even the trays the plants come in from the garden shop try to get the open mesh ones. The openings along the upright sides you have to put screen over.and you need a screen on the top like a cover. I have all this on a wheel barrel and so if it looks like rain I can put them in the garage. WHO uses garages for cars anymore???

I can easily get them into the air or even the breeze to dry quickly. Takes 3 to10 days depending on the humidity. Putting the garage is humid.
Then some I did in the Food dryer also. They are quicker and keep the color better id you don't go too long.
I pack things in many layers on a tray for the potpourri. They do dry and they separate.
Other wise it would take forever. Some you want special you need to be more careful with.
I slice citrus peelings that I have scraped clean into very narrow slices the narrower the slices the prettier the curling.
Tried Cucumber peeling same fashion and it worked.

But I burned some so it turned black.
Well black can be used also. I think I separate each item in a cardboard box and label.
Then when I have more I add to that item.
This also keeps the smells the same.
I don't use plastic bags because I want them to stay dry.
Some of the flower I use one of the 130 flower presses I have.
Did 124 Pansy's yesterday.
The roses did not look pretty in the press.
I am getting purple climates now.
Pressing and drying both You see I get long and this is not the above mentioned paper even

Betty T at MT
Boy this writing and thinking at the same time I hope I made sence.