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    Rock, Pebbles and Stone Craft Poems

    Easter Rock
    You will need to cut a square piece of material & netting. Easter colors. Take a rock & place it in the middle of material & use ribbon to tie around the rock to hold it in place. Print card & laminate with clear shelf paper. Attach it to the rock.

    "This is to serve as a reminder
    of the true meaning of Easter.
    Jesus arose 3 days after He died,
    after He was crucified.
    He fulfilled God's plan for salvation free,
    & he did it all for you & me.
    ---Charlene Dickerson

    Friendship stone

    A small, fancy rock on a string:
    This little rock is shining
    'cause it knows it soon will be
    tucked in the pocket of a friend
    who means the world to me.
    Keep this rock close to you,
    As my very special gift,
    For it's guaranteed to cheer you,
    Any time you need a lift.
    ---Rhonda Krall

    garden worry stone

    If you get up in the morning
    Look at your garden and sigh
    Don't worry about the weather
    There's a stone to help close by
    Just place it in the worry box
    Close the lid and let it be
    Then the thing that had upset you
    Will soon be gone you see
    © Yvonne Lowther 1003

    Happy rocks
    #2 -

    a little smile to carry with you,
    no matter where you go ---
    a reminder to smile at others,
    as we need them so.
    Take time to smell the roses,
    & take time to smile, too.
    You have no idea of the miracles
    A little smile can do.

    #3 -

    be happy & give a happy stone,
    to everyone for whom you care.
    It will bring them your happiness
    When carried along everywhere.

    For it will take upon your spirit
    Slowly absorbing it into the stone.
    & when the smile fades away,
    it leaves the reciever a happy tone.

    #4 -

    this stone is filled with happiness
    & carrying it will bring joy, too.
    Then when its smile fades away,
    The happy spirits transfers to you!

    Little Pebble

    Roll Away the Stone
    Suffering & spent, broken & bent,
    A crucified King with no throne,
    His burial grave was a stone-sealed cave
    But He rolled away the stone.

    At that hour, He unleased a power
    The greatest the world has known,
    And we were freed by His wondrous deed
    When He rolled away the stone.

    If heavy cares weigh you down in despair,
    Remember you're not alone.
    For He can shoulder each burden or boulder
    He'll roll away the stone.

    In the darkest night, we can see the light
    Our glorified Savior shone.
    From struggle & strife, we rise to a new life
    When we roll away the stone.
    --Lisa O. Engelhardt

    Lucky Stone or Wish Stone Poem:

    When you feel unlucky
    and nothings going right,
    take this little stone
    and hold it very tight.
    Count to ten quite slowly
    counting blessings as you go,
    you'll see you are quite lucky
    allow positive thoughts to flow.
    Concentrate on good things
    and luck will come your way,
    this stone holds good memories
    surrounding you each day.
    ©Sue Pitchfork~

    #2 -

    Everyone needs a dream
    a wish to hope and claim,
    a goal to reach and aspire to
    somewhere high to aim.
    It's hard to always be focused
    sometimes we get off track,
    that's when this wish stone
    will guide you safely back.
    Keep it close to your heart
    to keep your wishes in sight,
    then go and make them happen
    your futures looking bright.
    ©Sue Pitchfork~

    Pet rock

    Please don't turn this rock away
    He's scared and all alone
    Won't you please say you will
    Give him a good home?
    © 2004 Jennifer Byerly

    Potpourri Rocks

    These handmade rocks can be added to potpourri to increase the scent and longevity of the scent. They can also be used alone, placed in a pretty bowl or placed in a seashell to fragrance the bathroom! You can add herbs, lavender flowers or rose petals to add scent, texture and color.
    1 cup salt
    1 cup flour
    1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon essential oil or fragrance oil
    Food coloring, if desired, or herbs, lavender
    flowers or rose petals
    1 to 1 1/3 cups very hot water
    In a bowl, mix ingredients into a stiff dough and then shape into balls, flat stones, squares or any other shape you desire. Let air dry until hard before using.

    Resurrection Rock

    ©Shirley Thomas 2002

    For His teachings
    He was crucified.
    He loved us still as
    He suffered & died.

    At His lifeless body
    The sinners jeered
    Burying Him in a cave,
    They all cheered.

    The cave was sealed
    With a rock they chose,
    But it could not stop Him
    As to heaven He rose.

    Full of love & for our sins
    He did die for us that day,
    But through resurrection
    He is with us still today.

    So keep this rock nearby
    As a reminder for prayer,
    And thank God for keeping
    You in His love & care!

    Thank You stones

    I know what this stone would say
    If only it could talk
    "Thanks for all you've done for me"
    Because my friend "You ROCK!"
    ©sallysuiter >^..^<

    Worry Stone

    When troubles come and
    You feel down and alone
    Here's some advice
    To help keep you calm

    Take this pebble and as you
    Rub this little smooth stone
    Think on good things and soon
    Your troubles will be gone!
    © 2007 lou buffkin

    When worries come abubbling
    This stone is for rubbing
    © 2007 lou buffkin

    No need to worry
    the Lord is my rock
    and when times are troubled
    He'll shelter His flock.
    This stone will remind me
    I'm never really alone
    angels walk beside me
    'til I return home.
    ©Sue Pitchfork

    Weather rock
    I'm a weather-wise rock.
    Accuracy Guaranteed!

    If I'm moving ,it's windy.
    If I'm white, it's snowing.
    If I'm icy, it's sleeting.
    If I'm bouncing, it's hailing.
    If I'm hot & dry, it's sunny.
    If you can't see me, it's foggy.
    If I'm gone, you've been ripped off!

    worry stones
    a worry stone
    to ease your heart.
    Rub it & your worries
    Are sure to depart.
    ---evelyn AKA craft diva

    It's difficult to be positive, when things are going bad.
    You want to be happy, when all you feel is sad.

    Put this gratitude stone
    in your pocket or purse,
    when you want to be grateful,
    but fear the worst -
    It will help overcome feelings
    of worry or doubt;
    'Cause rain clouds always disappear
    when the sun comes out.
    ©Jazbo - 17.12.2013

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