Best Soil for Raised Beds

Soil Mixes for Raised Beds

It seems like over the years, many gardeners have turned to raised beds.
At first I thought that the latest surge of gardening raised beds, popping up all over the place was new trend.
However, my gardening book published in 1990, is already talking about the benefits of raised beds, way back then. :)

Soil Type Mixes for raised beds:
Triple Mix
"Triple-Mix" is a combination of top soil, peat moss and compost.

I just used whatever I had or it was easy to get like:
compost, sand, well-rotted manure and peat moss.
Then I just mixed everything with my existing garden soil and it seems to be working well for me.

Matching Soil Mixes to the plants needs:
Amending Soil Mixes for Acid Loving Plants like Blueberries and other ericaceous plants:
I used Oak leaf compost, bark, topsoil and sand.
It seems to be keeping my blueberries happy and I know the birds can attest to that.

I should have done a soil test as well, but it's still on my "to do" list.
It's just in case the new soil is missing some nutrients or lime.

Enjoy your raised beds!
I love Mine! :)

soil for raised beds

My vegetable raised beds.
The mini-ties are treated with "food safe" chemicals.
We bought them at "Homedepot".
Make sure the yellow label says "it's food safe".
They have two different mini-ties.
One is food safe and 1 is not.
They look identical, except for the writing on the label. :)

This turned out to be a bigger job than I thought. However, it's all done and I love my raised beds!