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Selecting, Growing & Pruning

European wine grapes and Thomson's Seedless derives from V.Vinefera and can be grown in California, North-West Pacific Coast and part of the East Coast.

French wine grapes are hardier and more disease resistant than American grapes and can grown on a wider areas.

American hybrid grapes or fox grape, are derived from V.Labrusca .
They are hardier than V.Vinefera cultivars and can be grown on colder climates.

Concord Grapes:
Is probably the best know for colder climates.
I have white seedless and purple grapes and they are easy to grow. I live in Zone5.

Muscadine Grapes:
Is the best choice for southern climates and are derived from V.Rotundifolia.
Most Muscadine Grapes are self fertile. You won't need a second cultivar for pollination and set fruit.

Cultivation and Site selection:
All grapes should be planted on a sunny with well drained soil that is not too rich.
Grapes do best in a south facing gentle slope with good drainage. Best time to plant is early spring or late fall. I usually plant my grapes in early spring. I like to have my grape roots well established before winter sets in (Zone 5).
Grapes like the PH to be between 6.0 and 7.0 and loves compost or rotted manure.
Most V.Vinifera grapes are grafted on disease resistant stock. If you have a grafted grape plant make sure the graft is above the soil and cut any suckers that appear from the root, because they are not the cultivar that you want.
Water your plants well. Plant most grapes ( Concord ) 8 feet apart and rampant growers ( Muscadines ) should be space 12-20 feet apart.

Pruning - that always stresses me out and I wonder if I'm doing it right. :)
Muscadines Grapes they grow best in warm climate and should always be pruned in summer.

Cold Climate grapes should be pruned as soon as grapes loses its leaves or late winter. Late winter gives you a chance to remove the winter kill growth as you prune. Both times I would rather not be outside. This Zone5 person does not like the cold. :)
As a general rule trim the vines when they start to overwhelm your trellis. Trim fruit clusters when they becoming too small and slow to ripen. I also remove some of the grapes leaves for air circulation and give the grapes more sun.

Pruning Methods:
There's Spur Pruning and Cane Pruning.
That I will leave to the Video Experts, because it's still a trial and error for me. :)