Garden Nursery Beds

Garden Nursery Beds

Garden Nursery beds
for propagating and sowing outdoors.

Up to now I couldn't spare the extra space in my yard for a nursery bed, but now I have one.

It certainly is so much easier for sowing and propagating plants outdoors, as well as, watering, weeding, fertilizing and amending the soil.

Also my nursery bed is in partial shade and it keeps my seedlings from burning up in the hot sun.

I filled my raised nursery bed with compost, peat moss, sand, leaf mold - and a soaker hose. I have heavy clay soil.
Otherwise, well tilled loamy soil, with compost and leaf mold will be a nice mixture for your nursery bed.


I usually sow bought seeds in my nursery bed, so I can remember where they are.


I propagate rose bushes, box wood, hydrangeas and experiment with lots of various cuttings without much success. No luck with Japanese Maples yet, but I keep on trying and one of these days --- I'll go ... YES! :)
Happy Gardening!