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My Compost Surprise
Growing Organic Cantaloupe

Growing Melons - Varieties - Cantaloupe:

Cantaloupes are a tender annual grown for its large edible fruits.
Cantaloupes are small rounded fruits with heavy-netted skins and it can be grown in frames and cloches.

See Below:
I didn't do anything.
I threw the seeds in the compost pile and next year --- there they were.

The fruits should not be cut until they are completely rippen.
I usually pick up the cantaloupe, feel it and smell it. I'm feel, touch and smell gardener. :)
The best way to test for ripeness is to press the end of the fruit furthest away from the growing stalk - I call it the belly button - if the fruit gives to finger pressure, it's ripe.
Some melons; the skins will crack away from the stalk and give off a noticeable melon aroma.

Generally pest free.

Cucumber Mosaic Virus - causes the leaves to curl and become mottled and turn yellow. The young fruits are mottled and will grow dark green warts.

Verticillium Wilt - causes the leaves to turn yellow from the base upwards and the whole plant will wilt and remain stunted.

How did I grow organic Cantaloupe in Zone5?

It was easy!
I just filled my raised beds with compost in July and there it was! :)
I haven't grown melons before, because I didn't think our growing season was long enough.
I did try growing watermelons this year and even though it's already October, my watermelon is still the size of a small marble.

When I saw all of the seeds sprouting on the raised bed, ( this year ) I thought they were gourds with its roundish leaves and yellow flowers. However, the small gourd was the size of a marble and " fuzzy" . So, I waited .. the little marble got bigger and less fuzzy and then it grew dark and light green stripes.
I waited and then as the "something" got bigger it started growing the "brain" husky netted veins and then I knew.
The seeds survived the winter in the compost pile and then the seeds were accidently sown in July and it still produced dozens of big, sweet cantaloupes by September.

At Christmas I usually buy fresh fruit and I think that's where the seeds came from. Wonder why the honeydew didn't grow? :)
This was such a surprise and a Blessing!

If you live in Zone5 and haven't tried to grow cantaloupe - give it a try!
I didn't even water the "poor" little things, but they did me proud.
Mother Nature blessed me! Now if only Mother Nature would do something about my slugs. :(
cantaloupe leaves

I thought these were gourds. Same shape leaves with yellow flowers.
I also have some tomatoes plants on this vegetable bed,
that I didn't seed nor plant.

fuzzy baby cantaloupe

I was puzzled by the fuzzy offspring. :)

 cantaloupe growing

Then I thought maybe what I really had was a watermelon, but we usually by seedless watermelon.
It was starting to look like a fuzzy watermelon with its green stripes. :)

 cantaloupe growing netted veins

Cantaloupe looking smart with its netted veins and protected from the hot sun.

 cantaloupe growing netted veins

There you have it!
A sweet and juicy cantaloupe!
What was your compost surprise this year?

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