Privacy Statement

Privacy and Transparency On my Website:
This one is pretty easy.
I don't ask for emails, charge cards nor have a reason to do so.
Any personal information that might be available to me is not shared with any person except for the purpose of personal communication between other people that I believe you want to communicate with.
As well as, if necessary to comply with any valid legal requirement.
We recently also added a "Security Certificate" for homes-n-garden's website.
It's another level of encryption and protection for our visitors.

I haven't bought website's stats yet, but when I do, I'll only get a very basic program.
It would be nice to know how many people are stopping by this site besides me.
Other than that I don't need anyone's information on anything to make homes-n-gardens website to work.

Third-Party Service Providers:
I only use Google Adsense.
Google uses cookies to serve people with personalized Ads.
By law now Google has to ask permission to set a cookie on anyone's browser like everyone else. If you don't want a cookie, just tap on "decline".
However, sometimes websites won't work properly without cookies either. This website is just a plain HTML site with nothing fancy going on. I think this website will continue working without cookies.
Google Privacy Policy

Don't stress over all of those "pop-ups" asking for permission to set a cookie on your browser.
People have been setting cookies and more on browsers since the beginning of time. Now there is a "cookie law" and website owners now have to fess up with what they collect and what they do with peoples' personal information once they get it.
Thank You for stopping by!
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