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Making Herbal Tea:

Actually it's very easy to make herbal tea and it wasn't until I ran out of "caffeine free Herbal Tea" one day that I started making my own.

I don't grow nor buy that many herbs, but I have the basics.
Let me see, I grow; mints, sage, basil, dill, anise, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, oregano, beebalm, lemon balm, raspberries and blackberries
I have mint, rosemary and basil growing indoors as well.

Sometimes I will make tea using just one herb and sometimes I mix two or three together.

I prefer using the fresh herbs, but sometimes I do use dried herbs.
If I'm making just one cup of mint tea - I pick a couple of sprigs of mint - rinse it with water - squash then a little bit with my fingers to release the mint oils and add them to a cup. Pour hot boiling water over the mint and let it steep.
I use the same method for making a full pot of tea except I just use more fresh herbs.

Most of the time herbal teas are made by placing the dry or fresh tea in a tea ball.
I like my fresh herbs, loose and free. :)

Herbs for Tea to try
Lemon Verbena

Tea Envelope Printable for Loose Tea

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