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Rotating Compost Bins:

composting tumblers
Rotating Compost Bins:
- Someone whose name ( currently ) is "Mud", bought two rotating compost bins without instructions and I don't have a clue how to use them.

I found the same compost bins at HomeDepot and got my husband to ask them three questions for me.

1. can they slide the door open on their rotating bin?
2. will an average size wheelbarrow fit under their bin?
3. how do you get the compost out?

1. No! they couldn't get their door to slide open either. I used "Pam" or equivelant oil spray on mine. Maybe vaseline will work too.

2. No! wheelbarrow won't fit under the bin.

3. To get the compost out, "you dump it on the ground".
Why would I want to do that? so I can pick it up again?

This is a really poor design and it's a shame that stores are still selling them.
To rotate a 3/4 full bin, you need long strong arms.

This is two years later and I've tried really hard to like this type of bin.
I made sure that I had a large amount of dried stuff all the time to dry up the bin just incase it rained or I had a lot of greens.
Even without water it can get really stinky and slimy pretty fast.

Let it decompose for a while on the rotating bin and finish it off on a square bin or just pile it up in the yard somewhere.
That way you'll be able to control the moisture and the cooking process.

Will I buy one of these bins again? No!
Also with "rotating bins" you don't get the benefit of using worms.

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